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8/26/2023 10:03 pm  #1

2023 U.S, Open Contest

1. Pick quarterfinalists, semifinalists and champions for both ATP and WTA draws. You will receive 7.5 points for each correct quarterfinalist, 5 points for each correct semifinalist and 20 points for each correct champion.

2. SUBSTITUTE PICK: Pick a player from each draw to replace one of your quarterfinalists. If this player makes the quarters, they will take the place of whomever you picked in that section of the draw.

3. BIGGEST LOSER: pick the highest seed that will lose in the earliest round from each draw. The player must be a top-16 seed. You get 5 points if your seed is the highest to lost and 2 points if your seed falls in the same round as the highest seed to lose.

Picks must be posted by the time play begins or soon afterwards.


8/26/2023 10:09 pm  #2

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

For some reason, I am strangely confident in my women's picks, but I don't know why. 



Alcaraz over Sinner
Rublev over de Minaur
Davidovich Fokina (Paul) over Tiafoe
Djokovic over Tsitsipas


Rublev over de Minaur
Djokovic over Davidovich Fokina


Djokovic over Alcaraz 7-6, 3-6, 6-3, 7-6

BL: Auger-Aliassime



Swiatek over Gauff
Muchova over Bencic
Pegula over Vondrousova
Jabeur (Bouzkova) over Sabalenka


Swiatek over Muchova
Jabeur over Pegula


Swiatek over Jabeur 6-4, 7-5

BL: Krejcikcova 

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8/27/2023 6:48 pm  #3

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

Women's Quarterfinals

Swiatek v. Gauff
Rybakina (Bencic) v. Muchova
Vondrousova v. Pegula
Jabeur v. Sabalenka


Gauff v. Rybakina
Pegula v. Sabalenka


Rybakina d. Pegula

BL: Pegula

Men's Quarterfinals

Alcaraz v. Zverev
Medvedev (de Minaur)v. Hurkacz
Korda v. Rune
Tsitsipas v. Djokovic


Zverev v. Medvedev
Rune v. Djokovic


Zverev d. Djokovic

BL: Tiafoe

I have an undue faith in the Brad Gilbert effect.  But not that much faith.


8/28/2023 10:07 am  #4

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

Gilbert is a terrific coach, particularly in the first year before his overbearing personality and unwillingness to shut up gets tiresome. 

But I don't believe it is possible to fix a stroke like Gauff's forehand this quickly. She is playing with tremendous confidence, but that confidence will be dented when she faces a top player who is in form. Swiatek missed a lot of shots she does not normally miss in their Cincinnati meeting.

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9/04/2023 4:17 pm  #5

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

You've picked up 2 points for picking FAA as the Biggest Loser, but it was Rune on the men's side.  You picked up another 2 for choosing Krejcikcova, though it was Sakkari on the women's side.

Also, Ostapenko has knocked out your potential champion and my potential quarterfinalist for the women to remain unbeaten by Swiatek.  Does she hit that much harder than, say, a Sabalenka or Rybakina to hold that record?  Or is it that she just hits hard with abandon at all times, and Swiatek can't take that while the other players aren't willing to go for broke 100% of the time?


9/10/2023 8:40 pm  #6

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

I should have trusted the Brad Gilbert effect more.  Though credit goes to Gauff for going out and winning.  And now Djokovic and Margaret Court are tied in slams, though I expect that he'll break that tie at the Australian Open.


9/21/2023 7:20 pm  #7

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

I'd like to congratulate Mauresmo!  Jabeur has shown that she is a much worse choker than Amelie ever was.


1/23/2024 11:46 pm  #8

Re: 2023 U.S, Open Contest

We never declared a winner. Because I forgot to include the Djokovic rule, I think I won by 6.5 points. But if I had included it, which I should have, you would have won by 3.5 points. 

Let's call it a draw. 

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