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1/12/2023 3:35 pm  #1

2023 Australian Open contest

We have a new member, so here are the rules with the Djokovic clause in effect:

1. Pick quarterfinalists, semifinalists and champions for both ATP and WTA draws. You will receive 7.5 points for each correct quarterfinalist, 5 points for each correct semifinalist and 20 points for each correct champion. Djokovic has been so dominant that you will get only 10 points for him. Everyone else gets you 20 points. 

2. SUBSTITUTE PICK: Pick a player from each draw to replace one of your quarterfinalists. If this player makes the quarters, they will take the place of whomever you picked in that section of the draw.

3. BIGGEST LOSER: pick the highest seed that will lose in the earliest round from each draw. The player must be a top-16 seed. You get 5 points if your seed is the highest to lost and 2 points if your seed falls in the same round as the highest seed to lose. 

Picks must be posted by the time play begins or soon afterwards.


1/14/2023 10:15 am  #2

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

I believe that Nadal is hurt, so that's influenced my picks a lot.



Tiafoe v. Medvedev
Tsitsipas v. FAA
Rune v. Djokovic
Fritz (A. Zverev) v. Ruud


Medvedev v. Tsitsipas
Djokovic v. Fritz


Djokovic d. Medvedev

BL: Nadal

I fully believe that Djokovic will get revenge on Medvedev for stopping his Slam.  I don't think he'll let that go for the rest of his career.



Collins (Swiatek) v. Gauff
Pegula v. Keys
Kasatkina v. Garcia
Bencic v. Jabeur


Collins v. Pegula
Garcic v. Bencic


Collins d. Bencic

BL: Sakkari

If Collins can get past Swiatek, I can see her going all the way.  And if I keep picking Bencic, then when she finally does well, I can claim that I knew it all along.

Honestly, I'm not too happy with my picks because I think they stick to the seedings too much.  I might have went with Zverev as a sub with Fritz, but his movement was shaky leading up to this and he'll probably crash out early.

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1/15/2023 10:52 pm  #3

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

The tournament has started and I know a few results, but I entered the Tennis Channel Racquet Bracket contest for the first time at any slam in about five years and am remaining true to my picks there. 



Medvedev over Tiafoe
Auger-Aliasime (Norrie) over Sinner
Djokovic over Rublev
Fritz over Berrettini


Medvedev over Auger-Aliasime
Djokovic over Fritz


Djokovic over Medvedev 6-4, 6-7, 6-4, 6-1

BL: Ruud



Andreescu (Swiatek) over Gauff
Pegula over Keys
Kudermetova over Garcia
Jabeur over Bencic


Pegula over Andreescu
Jabeur over Kudermetova 


Jabeur over Pegula 6-4, 1-6, 7-5

BL: Kvitova


1/17/2023 4:57 pm  #4

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

Not a lot of top seed upsets yet.  Berrettini is the current men's BL, thanks to the unfortunate first round matchup against Murray.

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1/18/2023 1:38 pm  #5

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

Yep. I might win with Kvitova, who lost in the second round, if everyone seeded higher than her avoids an upset today. 


1/23/2023 2:07 pm  #6

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

You would have won for sure if not for Rublev's win against Rune, when he was down 5-2 in the fifth set, down two match points at 5-6, 15-40, down 5-0 and 7-2 in the match tiebreak and then won it 11-9 on a return of serve that rolled over the net and dropped on the other side. If Rune had won, you would have three quarterfinalists to my one on the ATP (we each have only one--Pegula--on the WTA). 

Instead, I get a couple of points for Kvitova losing in the same round as the highest seed and still have a chance to get Pegula in the final, while you have a chance to get Tsitsipas in the semis. If Tsitsipas wins his quarterfinal, I would need Pegula to reach the final. 


1/30/2023 6:41 pm  #7

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

Another low scoring contest for us, but since Tsitsipas did make the semis and Pegula did not, I won (barely).

Final scores:
Forehand_lob (3 QFs, 2 SFs, 1 F, 1 Champ): 47.5
funches (3 QFs, 1 SF, 1 F, 1 Champ + 2 for the BL round): 44.5

The Djoker reclaims the #1 ranking, and due to the stuff that happened last year, he'll probably keep it for a while.  Alvarez would have had a pretty good chance on keeping it if he wasn't hurt, I think; he would have needed a semis, and since his quarter went to Khachanov and Korda, I feel that penciling him in would work.

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1/31/2023 12:20 am  #8

Re: 2023 Australian Open contest

I was really surprised by the Azarenka-Pegula scoreline. Did not see the match, but really did not give Azarenka any chance to win it, and she won it with ease.

Either way, Pegula would have lost to Rybakina in the semifinals, but I guess I would have won if she had reached the semis. I must have added wrong.


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