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7/01/2018 8:59 pm  #1

Wimbledon Contest 2018

Wimbledon has arrived again. You know the drill. 

1. Pick quarterfinalists, semifinalists, finalists and champions for both ATP and WTA draws. You will receive 7.5 points for each correct quarterfinalist, 5 points for each correct semifinalist and 20 points for each correct champion. Due to Federer's continued godliness in the 14th year of this contest (some things never change), he is worth only 10 points as champion. 

2. SUBSTITUTE PICK: Pick a player from each draw to replace one of your quarterfinalists. If this player makes the quarters, they will take the place of whomever you picked in that section of the draw

3. BIGGEST LOSER: pick the highest seed that will lose in the earliest round from each draw. The player must be a top-16 seed.You get 5 points if your seed is the highest to lose and 2 points if your seed falls in the same round as the highest seed to lose. 


BONUS CATEGORY: Will a British player make the second week (fourth round)? With Andy Murray withdrawing, the realistic candidates are Kyle Edmund and Jo Konta, but Edmund likely will have to play Djokovic in the third round. 4 points for being right, yes or no. 

Unseeded players that make the quarterfinals are worth an extra half-point for each seed they take out en route. 

Deadline for entry is whenever you enter. With only two of us in the competition, the rules have to be lax. 


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7/01/2018 9:14 pm  #2

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018



Federer (Coric) over Anderson
Cilic over Steve Johnson
Djokovic over Kyrgios
Nadal over Paire


Cilic over Federer
Djokovic over Nadal


Cilic over Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 7-6., 7-5




Halep over Kvitova
Kerber over Muguruza
Stephens over Venus
Serena (Keys) over Wozniacki


Kerber over Halep
Serena over Stephens


Kerber over Serena 6-4, 0-6, 8-6



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7/03/2018 11:06 am  #3

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

Are you OK?

It's your site and you've gone awol.

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7/04/2018 6:34 am  #4

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

Sorry, I'm here.  Real life gave me a metaphorical 50 car pileup the last week or so.  Short version: I have gone back to school for a grad degree and had a midterm to take by the end of yesterday and then work threw some extra things onto me this last weekend without any warning.  I would have been able to handle one or the other and still make picks, but both at the same time.

I'm going to make some picks and do my best to ignore the first round results.


7/04/2018 6:44 am  #5

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

Thank you for your concern.  I appreciate it.

Here are my picks!  As I went through the list, I tried to be honest and go "I would have picked this person (who crashed out in the first round)".


Federer v Querry
Cilic v Dmitrov
Edmund v Kyrgios (A. Zverev)
Shapovalov v Fognini

Federer v Cilic
Kyrgios v Shapovalov

Federer d. Kyrgios
7-6, 6-7, 7-6, 7-6

BL: Thiem


Cibulkova v. Kvitova
Muguruza v. Kerber
Venus (Ka Pliskova) v. Stephens
Keys v. Vandeweghe

Kvitova v. Kerber
Venus v. Keys

Kerber d. Venus
6-4, 7-5

BL: Wozniacki

Brit in the 2nd week? Yes


7/17/2018 11:57 am  #6

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

With my terrible picks (or the terrible performance by seeds), I feel you crushed me like Kerber crushed Serena. At least I figured out that Cibulkova would be so angry at losing her seed that she'd get to the quarters.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Kerber matched Sharapova in slams, but wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. Probably about 60/40 odds.


7/17/2018 6:11 pm  #7

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

I agree with your percentage. 

I am especially happy she won at Wimbledon because I believe grass is her best surface. She moves incredibly well on it, her forehand is more powerful on it than anywhere else and her passing shots, by far the best in the game, come in handy since players approach the net more often on grass. 

This should have been her third final. Never should have lost to Radwanska several years ago in the semis. Even last year, when she struggled all season, she played the best match of the tournament against Muguruza before losing in three sets. 


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8/06/2018 5:00 pm  #8

Re: Wimbledon Contest 2018

Stephens was the biggest loser for the women and Dimitrov was the biggest loser for the men, but I correctly predicted the first-round losses for Garcia, seeded 6th to Stephens' 4th, and Goffin, seeded 10th to Dimitrov's 6th. You correctly predicted Thiem, seeded 7th, losing in the first round. By the rules, that's 4 points for me and 2 points for you, but I'll make it 3 points for you since you had the higher men's loser than I had. 

As for the rest, I had four men's quarterfinalists, two semifinalists and one finalist for 46 points and two women's quarterfinalists, two semifinalists, two finalists and the champion for 55 points and correctly predicted no Brit would make the second week for 4 points. My total is 109. 

You had one men's quarterfinalist but nothing else for 7.5 points and two women's quarterfinalists, one semifinals, one finalist and the winner for 45 points. You also get a half-point for Cibulkova taking out seeded Mertens on her way to the quarters. Your total is 56. 

Congratulations, me. Of course, if I had not picked Kerber, knowing full well you would pick her, too, it would have been much closer. 

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