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3/30/2014 10:42 pm  #1

That's the real Djokovic

For the first time since 2011, I was beginning to wonder if the real Djokovic was a very talented player who lacked the same drive as Nadal, had walkabouts during matches and was incapable of consistently producing the type of tennis he played for virtually every match in his glory year. 

Today the 2011 Djokovic reappeared. He was laser sharp from the first point to the last without ever having to go out of his comfort zone, the reason he owns Rafa when he's on. Every other player has to change his game to have any chance to beat Rafa. 

If Djokovic is healthy at Roland Garros, he should beat Rafa in the final. Both of them definitely will get there, and I don't want to see him inexplicably falling into the net on a key point or giving away a set mentally. His game hurts Rafa on any surface. It's time for him to prove in a best-of-five on clay. 


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