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10/30/2012 2:01 pm  #1

Cheers and Jeers

In the Tennis-X tradition of the Funk and Trunk, I present the "Cheers and Jeers" section.  Stuff will go here when I think of it.  But to begin with:


Serena Williams - Player of the Year, but she deserves being #3 because she didn't really start playing well until half the year was over.

Maria Sharapova - Lost to Serena, again, but a nice beatdown of Azarenka


Victoria Azarenka - Lost to both Serena and Sharapova in the season ender, ouch!

Na Li - She can beat anyone and lose to anyone.


11/05/2012 12:39 pm  #2

Re: Cheers and Jeers


David Ferrer - who cares about the depleted field, Ferrer won his first Master's title.  He's the first outside of Djokovic/Federer/Murray/Nadal to win one since Soderling won Paris in 2010.

Jerzy Janowicz - breaks into the top 30, beat top players, and reached his first ATP final.  Stop overusing those dropshots, though.  Also, will Brad Gilbert call in "JJ" or "Jerzy Shore"?  Both would be terrible.

Nadia Petrova - wins the WTA's also-ran title in Bulgaria.  Beat Wozniacki 6-2, 6-1 and whatever was in her head.

Czech's Fed Cup team - wins over Serbia 3-1 for the title in consecutive years.


Andy Murray - sure, Janowicz was on fire, but when you have match points and don't win, it's a problem.

Novak Djokovic - his head may have been elsewhere, but he should not be losing to Sam Querrey.

Jelena Jankovic - had an undefeated record in Fed Cup singles coming into the weekend.  Didn't win either of her matches.  Ouch.

Caroline Wozniacki - can't even win the WTA also-ran title.  Needs to retool her game if she expects to remain at the top.

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11/14/2012 8:18 am  #3

Re: Cheers and Jeers


Novak Djokovic - a good ending to the year by going undefeated at the WTFs.  Though saying this year was better than last year is crap and you know it.

Juan Martin Del Potro - after injury and a long period of mediocrity, it looks like he's back.  Maybe a second slam in 2013 is in the cards?

David Ferrer - tough break going 2-1 and not making the semis.

Granollers/Lopez - some love for the doubles winners of the WTFs.


Roger Federer - the close loss to Djokovic is tough to take.

Andy Murray - not a great end to what has otherwise been a great year.

Janko Tipsarevic, Jo Wilfred Tsonga - both went 0-3 in the WTFs and turned in some lackluster games.  Good for making it, but really, you've got to do better.

ATP - who turns down an extra $800k in prize money for Indian Wells?  That's right, the ATP.

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11/19/2012 8:57 am  #4

Re: Cheers and Jeers


Czech Davis Cup Team - they beat the preeminent Davis Cup team (Spain) in the finals.  Good for them.

Radek Stepanek - couldn't have done it without Berdych, but he won the deciding point.  It's the highlight of his career.

David Ferrer - undefeated in Davis Cup matches this year.  Too bad about the rest of his team.

Tomas Berdych - managed to keep it together to beat Almagro in 5 sets and take the doubles the next day.


Tomas Berdych - lost to Ferrer when he could have clinched the tie.  That probably shouldn't happen on this surface.

Spain Davis Cup Team - so close, yet so far.

Granollers/Lopez - how do you win the WTFs one week and lose to Berdych and Stepanek the next?

Nicolas Almagro - looks like Berdych was right about him being the Spanish team's "weak link."

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11/27/2012 10:29 am  #5

Re: Cheers and Jeers

The year-end Cheers and Jeers!  Up first is the men.


Andy Murray - got the gold medal and his first Slam at the US Open.  Now he never has to hear about Fred Perry again.

Roger Federer - picked up another Wimbledon to silence the critics with a dominating performance against Djokovic in the semis and Murray in the final.  To top it off, he reclaimed the #1 spot and has been the top rank for a record setting 302 weeks.  Not bad for someone who was over the hill.

Novak Djokovic - picked up another Slam and the year-end championships.  It's not his 2011, but it's a good year nonetheless!

Rafael Nadal - another French Open title and, more importantly, he turned that losing streak to Djokovic around on his beloved clay.

David Ferrer - picked up his first Master's title and played excellently in Davis Cup.


Rafael Nadal - after crashing out at Wimbledon to a zoning Rosol, he doesn't play for the rest of the year.  Throw in his complaints about the tour, blue clay, and hard courts, and he's come off as a whiner.

Bernard Tomic - stop wasting your talent and put some hard work in.  Also, stop getting into fights with your friends in hot tubs.

John Isner - remember when those early wins over Federer and Djokovic made people think that Isner was going to take the next step in being the face of American tennis?  Yeah, that didn't work out.

Ryan Harrison - stop throwing fits and win a few rounds in a tournament that matters.

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12/03/2012 6:10 am  #6

Re: Cheers and Jeers

The year-end Cheer and Jeers for the women!


Serena Williams - picked up a gold medal, two Slams, and the year-end championships.  Plus, she didn't blow up at officials at the US Open.

Maria Sharapova - completed the career Slam at the French Open, won a silver medal, and briefly returned to the number one spot.  Hopeless against Serena, but managed to beat some of the others that troubled her.

Victoria Azarenka - picked up her maiden Slam at the Australian Open, spent most of the year (and the end) at number one, and had a dominating first few months.  Too bad about that record against Serena.

Sara Errani - made the French Open final, won two doubles Slams, and had the year of her career, ending in the top ten.

Agnieszka Radwanska - made the Wimbledon final, playing a tactical game that has little punch to back it up.


Caroline Wozniacki - started the year as number one and ended it as ten.  Didn't win a title until after the US Open.  Probably the most embarrassing reign as the top ranked player.

Petra Kvitova - one match away from the number one spot at the beginning of the year and then it was down, down, down for her.  At least she has the Fed Cup.

Na Li - mystifying losses and inconsistent play.

Samantha Stosur - take the hands away from your neck when you play in Australia.

Serbian Fed Cup team - so close and so far away.  Again.

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2/11/2013 4:38 pm  #7

Re: Cheers and Jeers

The belated Cheers and Jeers!


Novak Djokovic - third straight Australian Open.  Let's see if his 2013 is more like his 2011 than his 2012.

Victoria Azarenka - gets her second slam and keeps the #1 spot.  However, see Jeers.

Andy Murray - another Slam final, but a loss.  Hey, at least he beat Federer at a Slam.

Na Li - on the bright side, she made a slam final.  Too bad she didn't win.

Sloane Stephens - first Slam semifinal.  Let's see if she can keep it up.


Serena Williams - snakebit with injury.  Not her fault, but not how she wanted the year to start out.

Maria Sharapova - got wasted by Na Li in the semis.

Victoria Azarenka - lost lots of fans when she admitted to taking a time out for choking.

David Ferrer - pitiful result against Djokovic in the semis

Nicholas Almagro - terrible choke against Ferrer.  At least he didn't call for a time out.

Rafael Nadal - doesn't play the first Slam of the year and then loses in the finals of both the singles and doubles at a small claycourt tournament.

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3/29/2013 8:48 pm  #8

Re: Cheers and Jeers


Rafael Nadal - wins his first hardcourt tournament since 2010.  Also, the comeback is over, stop sandbagging about how you're lucky if you beat the 1000th ranked player.

Maria Sharapova - who cares who she played against (or didn't play against, as the case may be), she won Indian Wells.

Juan Martin del Potro - beat Murray and Djokovic back to back before falling to Nadal in the final.  Looks like he's back too.


Andy Murray - he owned del Potro and then lost to him.

Novak Djokovic - see Andy Murray.

Victoria Azarenka - ditched out with an injury, getting hurt so early in the season doesn't bode well.

Spammers - not only did I do a round of bannings, I changed the settings so I have to approve people joining the board.

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5/08/2013 2:29 pm  #9

Re: Cheers and Jeers

A special one for:


Papa Tomic - how's it feel to be the ATP's answer to Jim Pierce?

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12/17/2013 12:34 pm  #10

Re: Cheers and Jeers

End of the year edition!


Nadal - ended with the number 1 ranking and likely to hold onto it for a good while longer.  No more using knees as an excuse for anything.

Serena - somehow she only won 2 slams this year.  Day in, day out domination.

Bartoli - Wimbledon champion.  Nothing else need be said.

Andy Murray - never has to hear "Fred Perry" again, outside of a clothing brand.


Djokovic - he's regressed against Nadal.

Federer - had his worst year in ages.

Sharapova - got injured and went slamless this year.  More importantly, still winless against Serena since 2004.

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