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9/25/2016 9:05 am  #1

Welcome to the Kerber Era

When's the last time a new slam winner won more than a single slam in the year?  That would be Mauresmo in 2006 (though she had a final in 1999).  Serena's won multiple slams in the past few years (2009, 2010, 2012, 2015), but otherwise the last person to do so would be Henin in 2007 or Clijsters with a US Open-Australian Open 2010-2011 run (separating just by the year seems a little picky).

Throw in the Wimbledon final and a silver medal, and she's had an amazing year.  I wouldn't be surprised to see her pick up another slam next year; Serena is getting older and the other players who could really trouble her are out for reasons (I'm thinking Sharapova and Azarenka here, the other power players like Kvitova or Muguruza aren't as consistent as those two).

After the US Open, she is 1680 points ahead of Serena in the rankings and defending 1215 until the end of the year.  If Serena plays the year end championships (and I'm not fully convinced she will), a couple good results before then should keep Kerber at #1.  If Kerber makes it to the semis of the year ender, she's almost certainly captured the year end #1.

She hasn't had much success at the year end championships.  I think we'll be able to tell a lot if she does well this year; she should.  Rounding out the current WTA top 10 are: Serena, Muguruza, Radwanska, Halep, Pliskova, Venus, Suarez Navarro, Keys, and Kuznetsova.  Serena, Muguruza, Pliskova, Venus, and Keys can overpower her, but Serena is the only one who's consistent.  Radwanska and Halep play similar games, but they don't have Kerber's power and, right now, they're not playing the game better than she is.  I'm fond of Kuzy, but she's getting older and has never been the most consistent player.


10/22/2016 8:08 am  #2

Re: Welcome to the Kerber Era

Well, the Kerber Era hasn't started off very well.  But she's locked in for the year end number 1, thanks to Serena shutting her year down.

Still, I think she's got a shot at making the semis in the year end championships, and once she makes that, I expect that her improved mentality will help her further.  She should beat Keys (Keys is not consistent enough to let her overpower Kerber on a day when she's just not playing out of her mind), and I think she has better than even odds against Halep and Cibulkova.

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4/06/2017 8:55 am  #3

Re: Welcome to the Kerber Era

Kerber has fallen victim to the "exceeded my own expectations club." She never expected to be No. 1 and certainly never expected to win two slams. Now it is hard for her to get motivated.

She still has the game to win another slam but does she have the willpower? Maybe she will make a run at a Roland Garros on her worst surface after flaming out early there last year. It is not like there are any form players right now.


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